The Mercury® Avator™ 7.5e electric outboard reaches speeds at an acceleration similar to a 3.5hp internal combustion outboard. This rechargeable outboard is ideal for smaller boats, tenders and can act as secondary power on sailboats. Portable and lightweight, the 7.5e is a an ideal zero-emission marine motor option. Available in tiller and remote steer models with quick-connect batteries and intuitive controls for easy set-up and operation.


Intuitive Innovation

Boost Mode

Go faster with an automatic 20% more torque during hard accelerations in Boost Mode when compared to similar competitive products.

Corrosion Resistant

Avator Electric Outboards are engineered with Mercury's proven corrosion-preventative materials and coatings, for a confident boating experience in both saltwater and freshwater.


Transform your boating experience with no exhaust fumes and zero direct emissions from the Avator outboard range. Clean, quiet power that moves you and makes exploring effortless.

Easy Storage and Transport

Store your Avator confidently and conveniently with no fuel and no fumes to worry about. The quick-connect bracket makes the tiller model a snap to attach.

Quick-Connect Battery

With no cables to connect, the 1kwh lithium-ion battery slides securely into place under the 7.5e flip-up cowl. This conserves space inside small boats

Multi-Purpose Tiller Handle

The Avator tiller is perfect for anyone to take the helm with confidence, adjusting to accommodate the individual boater. It can be used as left or right-hand steer or folds down as a convenient carrying handle.

High-Efficiency Prop

The hydrodynamic durable and efficient three-blade prop is crafted of high-strength, impact-resistant composite material, optimised to help extend the battery life.


Engine type

  • Avator

Input Power

  • 916W

Rated Prop Shaft Power

  • 750W

Rated Voltage

  • 48


  • Integrated 1kWh

Battery Type

  • Li-Ion

Battery IP Rating

  • IP67

Charger (Standard)

  • 230W

Total Weight

(Excluding Battery and Transom Bracket)

  • 37 lbs / 16.7kgs

Total Weight Excluding Battery

  • 43lbs / 19.5kgs

Battery Weight

  • 17 lbs / 7.7kgs


  • Remote
  • Tiller
Shaft Length
  • 15" / 381 mm
  • 20" / 508mm
  • 25" 635 mm
Standard Propeller
  • 12.7 x 7p