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Honda BF250


Honda BF250

Honda BF250 for sale. Honda 250hp fourstroke outboard


The BF250's 3.6L V6 engine features a powerful, compact 24 valve SOHC design, without the bulk and weight of long intake runners and multi-camshafts. The narrow V6 design offers top performance and durability as well as great fuel economy.

The dynamic design feature of the BF250 allows external air to be drawn directly into the engine. The result is a reduction in intake air temperature and an increase in air volume to the engine, delivering outstanding overall performance.

And the BF250 also features a high performance gear case designed to withstand extreme conditions. This combined with a new gear ratio (2.00:1) and extensive range of propellers provides high levels of previously unseen all-round performance.


At idle, when the engine senses a need for additional power, AMP+ automatically increases the RPM to produce an additional 9 amps.

This feature helps prevent the draining of critical battery power when using multiple accessories necessary for modern day boating, putting your mind at ease while out on the water.

The BF250 also features Lean Burn Control, which increases fuel efficiency by allowing the engine to operate on a leaner air/fuel mixture. The result is improved fuel economy.


The BF250 features industry-first separate dual air circuits. The first is used to cool the engine where air is drawn into the front of the engine and circulated around critical engine components. A top mounted cooling fan draws cooling air over the alternator.

The second intake circuit draws in cool air from the upper intake vents, separates out moisture, and then inducts it into the throttle body. This system provides cooler, denser air for better combustion as compared to conventional under-cowl induction systems.

And Honda's Boosted Low Speed Torque improves acceleration at low speeds. A quick movement of the throttle control activates the BLAST

Engine 1

Horse Power : 250

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